What to Expect

Welcome to this 8 module journey to embody effort and surrender through the practice of Yoga Nidra and Pranayama

What to expect...

1) 8 modules over 8-12 months *You can take your time and do one module per month, or move through two modules per month and allow space and time for revisiting, practicing and integrating.

2) A sequential build of a daily pranayama practice

3) 2-4 meditation audios for each module

4) Self-Inquiry reflection questions for each module

5) Bonus videos, podcast episodes, meditations and articles/resources

6) Experiential video pre-recorded on zoom to be guided through various breath and meditation techniques

**In some videos you may hear me refer to this program as an 8 week program, as in its earlier ideations it was condensed. After receiving feedback from past participants, this program has been extended into an 8 month container to allow for ample space and time for learning, practicing, digesting and integrating this material.

For best results...

1) Listen to the slide deck presentation and/or read through your module followed by laying back to listen through to a meditation. Enhance your learning by following the rhythm of moving from deep focus into deep rest.

2) Aim to listen to the yoga nidra meditations first thing in the morning, midday, or early afternoon. While meditation can be used to support downregulation into sleep, our goal is to familiarize the body with non-sleep deep rest rather than coaxing it to sleep.

3) Practice your pranayama first thing in the morning and/or any other time in the day. What you do daily matters more than what you do once and a while.

*Details will be addressed and practiced in the supplemental coaching video for each module.

4) Keep a journal nearby and take note of your questions, insights, struggles, and learnings

5) Set up a sacred space for your practice to support the anchoring of this habit. Leave yourself inspiring and simple reminders where you are likely to see them.


Module 1: An Introduction to Yoga Nidra

meditation audio: Awaken the Koshas

pranayama: Coherent Breathing

Module 2: Integration of Consciousness and preparation for the practice

meditation audio: Wheel of Awareness

meditation audio: Savasana, Pratyahara, and Sankalpa

pranayama: Double Pump Inhale

Module 3: Samskaras and Sankalpa

meditation audio: Discover your Sankalpa

meditation audio: "Don't just do it, feel it"

pranayama: Conscious Connected Breathing

Module 4: Annamaya Kosha

meditation audio: Yoga Nidra practice that ends after annamaya kosha

meditation audio: (short) daily embodiment with rotation of consciousness

pranayama: Brahmari Breath

Module 5: Pranamaya Kosha

meditation audio: Yoga Nidra practice that ends after Pranamaya Kosha

meditation audio: Reset Respiratory Pattern Generator with Mild Air Hunger

pranayama: Mild Air Hunger

Module 6: Manomaya Kosha

meditation audio: Yoga Nidra practice that ends after Manomaya Kosha (short and long version)

pranayama: continue practice

Module 7: Vijnamaya Kosha

meditation audio: Full Yoga Nidra practice

pranayama: continue practice

Module 8: Anandamaya Kosha

meditation audio: Full Yoga Nidra practice

pranayama: continue practice