Key reminders for guiding your breath in optimized coherence:

  • When your heart and breath are in alignment (high heart rate variability) - which we achieve when in coherence - we boost our immune system, improve memory, increase intuition, creativity and self control, elevate ability to emotionally regulate, and, ultimately, every system in the body is working more effectively and in harmony. A flexible system is a healthy system.
  • Get comfortable (ensure your body is supported and you are aware of the position you are in)
  • Begin to observe your breath, notice how it changes as soon as you start to observe it
  • Commit to breathing through your nose
  • Inhale slowly, relax your belly, can you feel the bowl of you pelvis relax and expand?
  • Exhale slowly, let go, surrender and soften as you release and get grounded
  • Begin to count the rhythm of your slow, light, and deep breath. Each breath getting slower, smoother and softer (eventually leading to around 5.5 seconds in and out - which gets easier the more you practice)
  • No need to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity or empty out as much as possible in this technique
  • Try focusing your attention on your heart as you breathe in this coherent rhythm. This will give you another anchor for focusing in the present moment, as well as enhance the positive effects of uplifting your mood and energy.

Practice this at least once a day for a minimum of three minutes. Slowly build this habit of slowing down to connect with your heart and breath to improve your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual resiliency.